Child is Injured Due to Negligent Care

A family launched a lawsuit against their daughter’s local daycare provider after multiple incidents involving their young daughter were brought to their attention.

The first incident was when their daughter was bitten by a copperhead snake while at daycare.  Phillip and Lindsay Zellner say this was just the first of three incidents.  On Sept. 24, 2013 the toddler was let out onto a playground without the teacher properly checking it over for poisonous snakes, a rule directly stated in their handbook.  The 13 month old spotted the snake on the sidewalk and bent down where she was bitten on the hand.  The doctors had to perform emergency surgery, stating that the young child could have easily lost her hand up to the elbow.

In February of the following year the toddler came home and refused to use her left arm.  After speaking with the day care this particular incident is being referred to as “playground accident.”   Both parents agree that they feel an employee jerked their daughter to hard causing her left elbow to be dislocated, causing yet another trip to the emergency room.

In September of that same year when The Zellners picked up their child from daycare and she was in horrible pain.  After making an attempt to calm their daughter her mother finally noticed a hair clip in her hair, and to her horror when she removed it she found a huge wound on her head.

Family Sues Day Care After Child is Injured Due to Negligent CareThe Zellners had finally had enough and filed a lawsuit claiming the daycare consistently failed to follow the handbook provided to parents and that the facility is not a safe and suitable facility.

Other children have also sustained injuries such has a bruised collar bone and a hairline fracture.  Kathleen Allison is the owner of Live Oak Little School and is listed as the defendant in the lawsuit.

“Cases like this one are the reason I went into personal injury law. Hurting a child is one of the most heinous acts an adult can commit.  These poor children are too young to verbalize the abuse they endured at the hands of those who were supposed to be carrying for them while their parents worked. There is no excuse for this type of abuse,” says Matthew Jacobs of Jhon Bales, an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer.

The first thing a person should do when dealing with gross abuse of a minor, in cases like this one is to consult an attorney.  It can be very hard to work through all the details of a lawsuit like this one.  You want to retain the best attorney when dealing with a complicated case like the one above.

All children are precious and deserve to be treated kindly, and with respect.  When hardworking parents leave their children at establishments like this one for care, they should be sure to receive the highest quality care available for their sweet children without having to worry about these types of needless injuries. The best way to handle a child injuries is getting in contact withJohn Bales Attorneys.